International Industry Exhibition

Russian International Mega Project

18-20 July 2018 Krosnodar –Russia Federation


This year, we want to gather the leaders of industrial and decision makers at an international industrial exhibition of Krosnodar, Russia Federationto discuss new global market opportunities.The line-up includes high-level conferences, quality advice from expert advisors from around the world.

Exhibition venue


Exhibition Holding date: 18-20 July 2018​

Countries Been Invited

Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Turkey, China Republic, Russia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Lebanon, India, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Pakistan, Spain, Ukraine, Netherlands, Serbia, Afganistan, theCzech Republic, Georgia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada , USA

Deadline for registration: 10/5/2018
Deadline for sample: 20/5/2018
Deadline for passport delivery: 20/5/2018