Industries Covered at Expo

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Building & Road Material & Equipment Industry
  • Ceramic (Tile) &sanitary Industry
  • Pipe Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry & Equipment
  • Animal Feed Industry
  • Essential Oil Industry
  • Machinery and Tool Manufacture
  • Automotive & Parts Manufacturing Industry
  • Furniture & Wood Industry
  • Plastic, Packaging, Printing Industry
  • Cold Storage (sea food)
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Industrial equipment & Workshop Industry
  • Safety and Health equipment
  • Quarry Mill
  • Mining & Mineral Processing Industry
  • Crumb Rubber Industry
  • Computer Industry
  • Industrial automation Tools
  • Advanced industries
  • Technical Services
  • Sales and after-sales service
  • Metal Industry
  • Fertilizer Industry
  • Ice Industry
  • Gloves Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Foundry

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About Us

ITF Group is the international trading company with the history of more than 28 years activity in organizing trade exhibitions and conferences globally and internationally .

ITF Group

ITF Group

Why Us?

«ITF Group» with more than 28 years of experience ,is founder and managers in executing more than 50 international exhibitions at C.I.S Region with help of group of specialist in the making and expanding market, sales and good facilities provide the bridge between imports and exports in international market.
Earn foreign exchange and job Creation

Earn foreign exchange and job Creation

We have a great contribution to creating jobs and value-added international exhibitions

 Improving Country's Production Cycle

Improving Country's Production Cycle

Increased production after introducing in specialized exhibitions

 Increasing the Exports Volume

Increasing the Exports Volume

Developing the volume of exports and creating job opportunities

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   Tel/Fax: +994125959507
   Address: Harb alley 3A, Iceri Neighborhood, Sabail zone, Baku, Azerbaijan

Tehran Office:
   Tel/Fax: +982144034336
   Address: No. 14, East Ferdows Bulvard, Tehran Iran.

E-mail: info[at]itfgroupexpo[.]com , info[at]krasnodustryexpo[.]com

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